I taught Russian as a Foreign Language at different levels, from beginner to advanced, at the Language Center of the University of Passau in 2012–2018. In 2018–2019, I taught courses in Russian Literature and Culture at the Chair of Slavic Literatures and Cultures (see the full list of courses below). I also offered guest lectures within regular courses at the University of Toronto. My teaching has been largely informed by my experience as a volunteer Russian language tutor for U.S. students of Russian during my undergraduate studies, by my work as a tourist guide with Russian-, English-, Spanish-, and French-speaking tourists who visited Yaroslavl, and by my undergraduate training in the pedagogy of foreign languages.

My teaching interests range from Russian instruction to teaching courses in Russian and Soviet politics and aesthetics, privacy and surveillance in the Global West and beyond, sexuality and gender in global cultural, social, and political discourses, and regimes of power and repertoires of resistance in the Global East and Global South.

I love making people excited and curious about the subject of any course I teach. I do so not only through diversifying course contents and selecting readings that offer a wide range of opinions on the topic of the course, which include voices of the often marginalized groups, but also through creating an arc of challenges (my preferred term for assignments) that makes students actively engage with the topics we discuss throughout the semester. From offering progressive skill-building exercises in writing to involving students in challenges that tap into their imaginativeness, digital and artistic skills, I create a space of creativity and exploration in my classroom, in which students can build off of their previous experience and expertise to learn to ask new questions and uncover new perspectives onto the world around them.


University of Toronto

Guest Teaching

“Projects of State-Sponsored Homophobia, Strategies of Resistance, and Queer Migration: A Case of Russia,” guest talk in the course “Transnational Sexualities” → Winter 2020

University of Passau

Seminars (open to undergraduate and graduate students): course instructor

“Beyond the Closet: Queer Russia from the Silver Age to the Putin Era” → Winter 2019

“Back Home: The Revival of the Private Sphere in Late Soviet Culture” → Summer 2018

Language Courses: course instructor

Russisch – Grundstufe 1.1 [Level A1 CEFR] → Winter 2014; Summer 2014

Russisch – Grundstufe 1.2 [Level A1 CEFR] → Winter 2014

Russisch – Grundstufe 2.1 [Level A2 CEFR] → Winter 2012, 2013, 2015; Summer 2015

Russisch – Grundstufe 2.2 [Level A2 CEFR] → Winter 2013, 2015, 2016; Summer 2013, 2014, 2016

Russisch – Grammatik (Grundstufe 1.1) → Summer 2014, 2017

Russisch – Grammatik (Grundstufe 1.2) → Winter 2014, 2015, 2017; Summer 2017

Ergänzungskurs Schreiben (für Aufbaustufe und Hauptstufe 1) [Complementary Course in Writing (for students at levels B1–C1)] → Summer 2013